The Best Places to Find Stunning Artwork in Miami

Art collecting continues to gain in popularity and Miami, Florida is the place to find unique artwork to fill your home and charm your soul. Amazing work by local artists is available for a reasonable price and mega-rich celebrities purchase original artwork for a hefty price. The art galleries compete with delightful shops to supply artwork appealing to a wide variety of tastes and budgets.

The Bass Museum of Art in Miami is a jewel in the area. The gift shop this museum offers showcases original items never seen before. You can find whimsical prints, colorful paintings, and edgy modern artwork. Leonardo DiCaprio is an excellent example of a true art collector. He has attended art fairs and auctions in Miami looking to add something spectacular to his collection. His collection incorporates artists including Takashi Murakami, Salvador Dali, and Oscar Murillo. Perhaps he will acquire a new piece by Todd Schorr or Jean-Michel Basquiat on one of his jaunts to Miami as he does favor these artists.

Another excellent destiny when you are looking for phenomenal artwork in Miami is the Art Center. Gorgeous work from emerging artists is featured and the showrooms are filled with dozens of artists to choose from. Paintings, collages, and mixed media are featured at this diving gallery. Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been seen looking for sensational art many times at Miami’s Art Basil and have purchased Hebru Brantley’s street work. Beyoncé was the influence that began the couple’s collection and it includes Damien Hurst, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, David Hammons, and Richard Price. Their collection is extensive and Miami is an exciting city to find just the right addition.

Frangipani is an amazing shop selling a variety of merchandise including art. The designs are creative, the motifs entrancing and new treasures have been discovered on their walls. They are located in an area of Miami with a reputation for art and the shop exudes fun, style, and excitement. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are another couple known to frequent Miami in search of great art. Their collection includes a Neo Rauch painting from the Art Basil purchased for $1 million in 2009. They have spent millions on the acquisition of their artwork including the artists Marcel Dzama and Yayoi Kusama.

Whether you are looking for artwork destined to substantially raise in value, paintings by famous artists, or simply to have something stunning on your wall, there is no place better to begin your search than Miami, Florida.

Organizations that help with staffing services

SourceAmerica can help with staffing services

Finding qualified members to join a corporate staff has been the goal of countless companies for decades. The search for staff members from an open pool presents many challenges to HR departments. These challenges include pairing individuals with corporate goals, and filling positions that have requirements beyond common labor groups.

Without exception, the majority of qualified future team members choose to look for positions online. The thrust of business resides in the connected universe, and that is where most people searching for opportunities choose to search for employment. This condition has given rise to many services that specialize in joining private individuals and corporate entities that can benefit from their skill sets.

There are endless services that actively seek talented people online to join corporate teams. The corporate teams looking for talent include all industries from manual labor, to highly specialized technological fields. For anyone using the online environment to search for a career, there are nearly endless possibilities. The most reliable method of searching however, must include membership with a staffing agency that has a long history of successful job market relations.

Providing matching services for staff applicants in certain industries and companies is a difficult task. Agencies that specialize in this service not only compile private information about applicants, but they also have the task of prioritizing stellar profiles. This is why it is important for anyone using online methods to direct their resumes and searches toward companies that match their personal career goals.

One online staffing service that continually produces great results for both companies in search of employees, and applicants is SourceAmerica. This staffing service has been matching qualified applicants with companies for more than four decades. Recently, this staffing service has been occupied with the goal of directing special needs applicants to places of employment that allow them to experience beneficial engagements leading to more opportunity in the open market. This particular staffing agency is one that excels in areas that other agencies cannot. Whatever the particular employment need and goal, an online staffing agency is the best route for success in the modern work environment.

The Arab Angel Fund Attracts Global Investors

After graduate school at Georgetown, Kyle Hendrick held several marketing jobs before accepting a director of franchise development position at Fransmart, a company that helps franchise brands develop globally. Hendrick launched Evolution Burger and Five Guys in the United Arab Emirates, enjoying the time that he spent in the Middle East.

Inspiration for The Arab Angel Fund
While at Fransmart in Virginia, Hendrick met UAE Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, who encouraged him to come work in Trade and Commercial Office at the UAE embassy in Washington DC. While there, Hendrick saw an opportunity to assist Middle East investors who wanted an entree to capital-hungry US-based start-ups. In 2016, he launched The Arab Angel Fund (AAF) along with pal Omar Darwazah to offer unprecedented access to early-stage US-based tech startups.

Encouraging Investors That Shun Risk
The average Middle East investor prefers to invest in real estate or other types of investments with tangible assets, since they are typically very risk averse. Hendrick had to find a way to encourage Arab investors to participate in a fund that contained early stage companies, as opposed to later stage companies, which presented less of a risk. In Hendrick’s eyes, early stage startups often fail; however, the ones that do succeed have high returns that make up for losses. Additionally, the minimum investment is a relatively low $100,000.

Risk Mitigation Sets the AAF Apart
Hendrick’s policy of investing in startups that have already drawn the attention of established US VC firms, such as Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel and Spark Capital, mitigates some of the risk for his clients. While Arab investors can invest in funds that include Silicon Valley startups or piece together individual investments, Hendrick’s fund includes only top-tier, cherry-picked startups where the AAF is not the first money. Startups in the AAF’s portfolio have assistance with international expansion in the Gulf Cooperation Council and North Africa markets as well.

In addition to the Arab Angel Fund, Hendrick also founded GoldCleats, an online platform for soccer players with headquarters in the US and offices in the United Arab Emirates and Colombia. He also sits on the advisory board at the Madison Venture Group.

Steps to Become a Private Art Collector in Miami

Becoming a known private art collector in Miami does not often happen overnight. Instead, well-known collectors take their time creating and cultivating their collections over months and years before becoming established within the art world. Knowing a few steps to take if you have an interest in collecting private art is a way to get yourself out there while building a reputation for yourself and your name.

Dive Deep Into Art Collection Research

Getting familiar with various artists, styles, and time periods is an essential factor when working within the art collection industry. Understanding the importance of select pieces, why they are valuable, and the history each piece of art holds is a way to prove authenticity while establishing a professional reputation in the art field. Some of Hollywood’s most prominent figures have art collections of their own, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, George Lindemann Palm Beach, and Brad Pitt. Beyonce and Jay-Z are also known for their art collections, and the couple has been spotted at Art Basel Miami over the years.

Study Other Local Art Collectors in Miami

Researching local art collectors in Miami and studying their vast collections is ideal to gain insight into what type of collections are most likely to draw attention and garner support, especially if there is a plan to sell the collections at any point in time. The more familiar one is with different local successful art collectors, the easier it becomes to build a collection that is unique, appealing, and more valuable over time. Visit different art galleries and events to mingle and chat with other collectors while reviewing the pieces in well-known collections in the city of Miami to determine the best route to take when beginning to collect art.

Choose Specific Areas of Art to Begin Your Collection

Choosing specific types of art to collect is another way to break into the art collection world, especially with unique pieces that are put together to tell a story filled with meaning and plenty of history. Many art collectors who simply collect pieces they enjoy personally underestimate the value in putting collections together that are truly meaningful and leave a lasting impression. With the right mixture of stylistic approaches, history, and artists who are known, it is much more likely to draw the attention of others who are seeking original collections of their own.

Taking the time to truly learn what makes a private art collector known for their collections is imperative any time you are thinking about getting into the art industry yourself. The more passionate you are about art, time period art, and the history of the artists you collect themselves, the easier it is to make a mark within the art collection business.

Why companies should hire people with disabilities

Why companies should hire people with disabilities

Companies must hire those with disabilities every year because it is simply the right thing to do. SourceAmerica does quite a good job helping corporations hire those with disabilities, and this article explains how a company benefits when they hire disabled workers. There are many things a company gains when they are open to hiring the disabled, and they will see their business improve as it is diversified.

More Diversity

Companies become more diverse when they hire disabled workers. Representation matters to the general public, and disabled customers are heartened when they meet disabled employees. Disabled employees know how to help disabled customers, and they will ensure that everyone who comes to the company receives the best services. Disabled customers come back more often simply because they know they will be taken care of.

Uncovering Issues

Disabled employees will bring to light issues that must be discussed, and they will raise points that may not have been considered before. The company itself will help customers have a better experience, and they will see a number of new customers enjoy their experience because their disabilities have been addressed.

Increased Investment

Disabled employees who come to work for a firm will bring their family, and the family will become quite invested in the firm. The company gains a loyal following that they may use to remain productive, and the family itself will have the income it needs to survive. This is a symbiotic relationship that serves both parties.

Overall Morale

Other disabled employees who come to work for the company will be encouraged and helped by current employees who have disabilities, and they will learn that certain jobs may be done by someone who has a disability. The disabled will spread out across the company, and they will take on more and more responsibility every day. They will benefit company while finding gainful employment.

Who can help with employment?

SourceAmerica is a strong proponent of all those who is working with disabilities, and every day they assist companies and government organizations who are trying to hire people with disabilities.

St. George Appoints First Woman Head of School

Alexandra Callen will be St. George’s 12th Head of School on July 1st, 2017, being the first woman ever appointed by the prestigious Episcopalian private school. Callen was selected among 150 candidates, even winning the position over collage deans. Members of the board who chose Callen said that she had distinguished herself throughout her career and has obtained a remarkable record of academic excellence while showing to have impressive leadership in public and private schools. The board, comprised of faculty, alumni, parents, and trustees, said that Callen was the best candidate who fit their community and vision for the private school’s future. Despite the pool of highly qualified applicants, Callen stood out the most among them.

Callen, who graduated from Milton Academy, currently serves as the upper school director at Lakeside located in Seattle. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Brown University. While attending Harvard University, she helped assist graduate level courses in school reform, leadership, and design, and has received a doctorate and master’s degree.

Before making the move to Seattle, Callen was a high school principle at Acton Boxborough Regional from 2008 to 2013. She was a high school assistant principle at Needham from 2004 to 2008. Her husband was assistant director of admissions at Middlesex School, where he and Callen lived on Campus during those years.

Callen will replace the school’s current Head, Eric Peterson, who has held the position for 13 years. Peterson’s decline of a contract renewal is what prompted St. George’s School to begin looking for another candidate to hold the position. In a statement released by St. George’s trustees, they stated that “We are confident that will steer the course boldly for St. George’s, continuing to build on our longstanding strengths while at the same time moving St. George’s confidently into the future. She is fully prepared and eager to build upon our forward-thinking curriculum, to foster our safe and welcoming community, and to support our teachers in continually expanding their expertise in teaching and learning.”

When Callen was presented by St. George’s board of directors to the school community on December 9th, she stated that she’s humble and proud to now be working for a school that has such deep roots for her family, where she’ll continue helping students be kind, help others, and contribute to the community. Her great-grandfather, grandfather, and two uncles have graduated from St. George.

UAE Ambassador to U.S. Among Key Participants at 20th Milken Conference

The 20th Annual Milken Institute Global Conference will bring world leaders in economics, international politics and global business to Los Angeles in May for “Global Conference 17,” to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

From May 1 to May 4, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors, CEOs, philanthropic leaders, media figures, and high-profile elected officials will assemble in Santa Monica for a series of workshops and roundtables. They will wrestle with topics such as global economics, the changing Middle East, agriculture, health care, robotics, climate, education, U.S. infrastructure, addiction and substance abuse issues, and the state of political and economic alliances around the globe.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin will lead an all-star cast of high-level Washington insiders that includes Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt and Goldman Sachs CEO Jamie Dimon will be joined by leaders from companies such as Cisco, eBay, Gallup, NASDAQ, Accenture, Monsanto, Whole Foods and many others.

One of the most highly anticipated sessions involves the changing nature of the economies of the Middle East, a panel discussion featuring Yousef Al Otaiba, the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States. With oil markets weaker, all eyes are turning to the region to see how it will enact the economic and structural reforms necessary to meet a shifting economy. Ambassador Al Otaiba and the UAE are playing a leading role.

Since his appointment as Ambassador to the United States in 2008, Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba has stressed the importance of economic ties with America and other nations in moving the economies of the Middle East away from a model based almost exclusively on hydrocarbons. His views at this critical point will be a highlight of the Global Conference, since identifying priorities and creating policies across regional boundaries is a complex task at which Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba is known to excel.

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba’s remarks are sure to generate interest because of his unique qualifications to speak on cross-border relationships, human capital, education and economic development in the region, having served for seven years as the Director of International Affairs for the Court of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. The ambassador also holds an international relations degree from Georgetown University.

The session was entitled “The Middle East and North Africa Region: New Tactics to Transform Economies and Accelerate Growth.” It took place on Tuesday, May 2, at 2:45 pm.

Parker Institute board member named President-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recently announced the appointment of Margaret Hamburg as their president-elect. Hamburg is and has been a firm advocate in the role that science plays in our lives today as well as in the future.

While the potential is enormous for new discoveries in science that can greatly impact people’s lives, Hamburg stresses that new discoveries must be analyzed and acted upon quickly. She also feels strongly that educating others about the role that science plays is important.

She has personally advocated for less tobacco use and increased food safety procedures. Hamburg is also a board member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy research. Jeffrey Bluestone, Ph.D, President and CEO of Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy said, “Peggy’s deep knowledge and experience in science, health care and regulatory affairs has been invaluable as we push the boundaries in cancer immunotherapy research,”. In addition, he feels confident of her ability to provide strong strategic direction to the Parker Institute.

The Parker Institute works tirelessly to find breakthrough immune therapies that have the ability to turn cancer into a curable disease. They do so by utilizing research findings of top researchers in the field and converting them into groundbreaking patient treatment plans.

Currently, the Parker Institute network consists of six treatment centers and more than 40 nonprofit as well as industry partners. They also represent 300 of the country’s top researchers in the field whose focus is on eradication of some of today’s deadliest cancers.

Dr. Hamburg brings with her an impressive resume of experience, including being the former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Prior to that, Dr. Hamburg served as vice president and senior scientist at the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

The Parker Institute is an unrivaled collaboration of the country’s leading cancer centers and experts. The greatest minds in science, research, immunology, and cancer medicine partner together to provide cutting-edge technology for today’s patients.

Who Comes To Miami To Collect Art?

There are quite a few celebrities who come to Miami to collect art, and they are in need of art that will help them invest their money in a better way. They are searching for simple ways to earn money from investments, and they may go so far as to use their investments over the long term. They may not sell for some time, and this article explains how Miami has become a hub for art collection.

#1: Many Artists Are In The City

The city of Miami is a place where artists often come to ensure they may have room to work. They are visited by stars such as Leonardo DiCarpio, George Lindemann, and Alicia Keys often, and they all come to the city because they know it is easy to invest in art when they travel to Florida. They may vacation in the city, and they may buy art while they are in the region.

#2: Basel Art Festival

Basel in a lovely art festival that is largest in the world, and it is one that brings people close to all the artists in the city. They may meet with artists, and they are free to ask as many questions of each artist to ensure they are buying the proper art for them. Someone who is new to collecting art may learn quite a lot, and someone who wishes to begin collecting art may start at the festival because they will see all the art they could ever want.

#3: The Design District

The Design District in Miami is quite large, and it is expanding every day to ensure there is more room for art in the city. Someone who needs more art may come there to visit shops in the area, and they will see artists who are new to them. They may come back every time they are in the city, and they will learn how simple it is to have a new piece of art made just for them. Direct orders are common, and they will help the artist have more work coming in that is paid for in advance.

The finest of all art is made in Miami today, and it is sold to those who are looking at investing for many years to come. Everyone who is investing in the city will find artists they love, and they may come back many times to invest in new pieces.

The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Review

Thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world attended the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University in Stanford, California. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was previously hosted by the governments of Malaysia, Turkey, Kenya, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. The 2016 GES showcased inspiring entrepreneurs and investors who want to promote collaboration and partnership. The 2016 GES hoped to connect American entrepreneurs and investors with their peers from around the world, with the goal of forming long lasting partnerships. The Summit featured different workshops, panels, competitions, and networking sessions. All of the activities were designed to give participants the opportunities to acquire skills and build relationships that will help them become successful.

Origins of The Summit
The event was organized by the United States Department of State and initiated by United States President Barack Obama. President Obama believes that events like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will help connect people around the World and help us tackle the global challenges together. The United States has emphasized entrepreneurship throughout the world by developing unique ecosystems, promoting stronger business climates, building networks of innovators and partnering with the private sector to promote job growth.

Diversity is Celebrated
The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted entrepreneurs and investors from over 100 different countries who looked forward to showing their work, along with mentoring and networking. The Summit is a symbol of how investors and entrepreneurs are promoting the culture of entrepreneurship throughout the world. President Obama was the featured speaker at the 2016 GES. President Obama continues to advocate for more entrepreneurship among women, minorities, and youth. Other attendees of the 2016 GES include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Ruba Al Hassan and United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba (

Looking Ahead to Next Year 
While meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House, President Obama announced that India will host the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Some of the guest speakers scheduled to attend this year’s Summit include; Times Internet CEO Gautam Sinha, Barefoot College International CEO Meagan Fallone, Careers 360 CEO Maheshwar Peri, and Pepperdine University Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Larry William Cox.