NYUAD’s J-Term Exposes Students to Cross Cultural Concepts

NYU Abu Dhabi
The students at New York University Abu Dhabi, or NYUAD, are able to explore cultures and communities during the January term. This is a three-week experience, and the students travel to numerous destinations including New York, Florence and Shanghai. The term is designed to teach the students cross cultural concepts through a wide range of global destinations. The teachers are renowned journalists, writers, scholars, policy analysts, artists and faculty from throughout the NYU community.

The Courses
The students at NYUAD are offered eighty courses that encompass 23 countries. The focus is placed not only on the Arab environment, but beyond. The students learn first-hand, and form connections to the places they study. Kunda Dixit is teaching about saving lives by reporting disasters prior to their occurrence. The students learn once a disaster has happened, the knowledge can serve as an early warning sign for the future. The students will journey to Nepal to study climate change, and the 2015 earthquake aftermath.
Get to Know the Professors

  • Nasser Isleem teaches Arabic languages, and the students learn the distinctive qualities of the Arabic language. During the course, the students will only speak Arabic, and stay in Al Ain with host families to better understand the heritage, culture and life of the Gulf region.
  • Hirokazu Yoshikawa teaches about sustainable development within the cities of the world. The focus of the course is to make cities safe, inclusive, sustainable and resilient. Innovations from across the globe are considered for the purpose of making sustainable cities for the youths because these children represent the future for sustainable societies. The course additionally covers urban innovations, and meeting urban leaders and the NGO staff.
  • Frank Luntz teaches the language of business so students can use effective communication techniques and business language within the real world. The students will learn through video, visuals and words how people interact, behave and think. Prominent diplomatic envoys will visit the class including the United Arab Emirates Ambassador, His Excellency Yousef Al Otaiba. The emphasis is being placed on the interactions between the faculty and the students. The class will be informative, interactive, and there will be presentations given by global experts.
  • Kanchan Chandra is teaching aristocrats which uses literature, anthropology, political science and history to teach the fate of the aristocracy. The first half of the course teaches theoretical and conceptual questions, and compares the Middle East, South Asia, the United States, Japan, Zambia and the United Kingdom. The students will attend a seminar in India during the second half of the course.