Give Back While You Shop Online with Amazon Smile

Give Back While You Shop Online with Amazon Smile
Virtually everyone has heard of or even used while shopping online. The multi-department conglomerate continues to be the most popular shopping platform online thanks to its affordable pricing, shipping deals, and incredible support. As the company continues to increase its revenue year-over-year, it also offers the opportunity to give back to its community, donating a portion of each sale to a user-selected charity (as long as the item is eligible).

A Few Non-Profits You Can Contribute to:

The beauty behind this platform is that it allows users to select their preferred non-profit organization that they’d like to donate towards. Additionally, users don’t see any price changes when partaking in this opportunity.
Truth be told, there are an awful lot of charities to choose from. Below, we’ve listed a few non-profit organizations that are supported on the Smile platform and that the shopper can choose to support during each transaction.

  • Best – The non-profit organization Best Friends Animal Society has been around for nearly three decades and aims its efforts on placing animals in foster homes instead of placing them in kill centers.
  • Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital— Focused on finding cures and saving children’s lives is the main objective for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The organization focuses its efforts on finding cures for life-threatening diseases and cancer so that children do not have to suffer.
  • Islamic Relief USA – fighting to make the world a better place for over 25 years, the Islamic Relief USA organization provides a wide array of support for children, refugees, emergency response systems, food aid, women’s support, safe and sanitary water and food distribution, and more.
  • American Red Cross – Offering support around the globe, the American Red Cross offers support and help for those in dire need. The organization offers disaster relief, blood donations, supporting military families, and much more.

In order to partake, users simply need to direct their web browser to // and select their preferred non-profit organization they’d like to contribute to. Once the user has completed shopping, Amazon will donate 0.5% towards the charity previously chosen by the shopper.
Of course, the Smile platform supports many more organizations and is worth taking a look at. Objectively, a 0.5% donation may not sound like much, but in the grand scheme of things, Amazon has donated a considerable amount of money to hundreds of organizations making the world a better place one transaction at a time.

Esteemed Doctor Named to New Board

Esteemed doctor, author and entrepreneur, Margaret Hamburg, MD is congratulated by Parker Institute for Cancer Immunology for her new role as President of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). AAAS made the announcement on January 3rd, 2017 and stated her term began in February. She presently serves as Foreign Secretary National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and on the Board of Directors for Parker Institute. Dr. Hamburg has devoted 28 years developing her professional career serving executive positions and eventually starting her own business. Her resume entails National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Nuclear Threat Initiative, and other organizations.

Margaret Hamburg is a graduate from Harvard College, Harvard Medical School, and Cornell Weill Medicine at Cornell University. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and Doctor of Medicine degree from Harvard Medical. In 1989, Dr. Hamburg worked as Assistant Director for Mental Hygiene for one year and joined New York City of Health and Mental Hygiene for six years as Health Commissioner. She also served as Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation for US Department of Health & Human Services in her prior career. In 2001, Margaret became an entrepreneur and started Nuclear Treat Initiative serving as the Founding Vice President for Biological Programs.

Dr. Hamburg became Senior Scientist in 2004 at Nuclear Threat Initiative. The scientist and medicine physician has authored articles and research papers for Science Translational Medicine, Science, and New England Journal of Medicine. She also published her works on Trust for America’s Health, Issues in Science and Technology, Trends in Biotechnology, and Public Health Reports. Her most recent article, the need for global regulatory, harmonization: A Public health imperative is featured in the Science Transitional Medicine Journal, in the May 2016 issue.

While serving as AAAS’s President, she will continue her role serving on the Board for Parker Institute; and keep her position as Foreign Secretary of the National Academy of Medicine. Margaret Hamburg, MD will ensure vigorous discoveries continue and are efficiently developed into life-saving treatments and interventions to make a difference in patients’ lives at American Association for the Advancement of Science. The award-winning scientist and doctor received The Academy Medal for Distinguished Contributions in Health Policy by New York Academy of Medicine, in 2015. Forbes placed her on its List of Most Powerful Women in the World from 2011 through 2014 in recognition of her accomplishments.

Where to Look For Art to Buy In Miami

Miami, Florida has a vibrant art scene and it is growing every day. The area is excellent for George Lindemann Jr.and other art collectors looking for a variety of types of art. The art galleries in the Miami area offer contemporary art, traditional fine art, paintings, glass art, sculpture, prints, fine art photography and a wide range of styles of innovative visual art. There are artists, local art galleries, art museums and nonprofit art organizations featuring Latin American art and art from all over the world. The Miami area art galleries can make art collecting a fun, enjoyable, lucrative activity.

Places like the Wynwood Art District, Brickell Downtown, the Design District, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Little River, Ball Harbour, Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are just a few places in Miami that offer excellent options for people looking to purchase art. There are also a number of online galleries like offering quality work as well. There are also a number of artist websites for art brokers, art advisors, art consultants and private dealers where collectors can find help locating a wide variety of art. Miami Art Week allows art collectors to experience the work of a wide range of artists in a short period of time.

There are a number of alternative exhibition spaces and non-profit organizations that offer art services like appraisers, framing and other services. Some popular Miami art galleries collectors can visit include Nina Torres Fine Art, Alfa Gallery, Avant Gallery, Bossa Gallery, MaMan Fine Art, Galleria Ca’D’Oro, Markowicz Fine Art, Opera Gallery, Swampspace and Primary Projects. De la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space, Locust Projects and the Institute of Contemporary Art also have excellent works of art for sale. Pan American Art Projects offers art from North American and South American cultures.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Steven Tyler, Paris Hilton, Elle Macpherson and Lenny Kravitz have all been spotted enjoying the Miami art scene and purchasing art. Places like the Dharma Studio offers exceptional contemporary art by internationally acclaimed and emerging artists. They include original paintings, bronze sculpture, photography as well as limited edition giclees. Many of the art galleries in the Miami area host exhibits by solo artists and groups.

Places like Marcio Decker offer abstract art with layered elements and kinetic properties created with glass lenses. The Miami art scene also feature paintings, photography and mixed media. It is a great area to purchase art.

Commercial Trade Bolsters US-Emirates Relations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba (, recently discussed plans for growing the commercial relationship between the two countries.

With one of the top ten busiest container ports located in Dubai, and eight of the world’s top economic zones, the UAE is looking more attractive to opportunity hungry US businesses. The sentiment is reciprocal. Emirati business interests in the US, including Florida’s Port Canaveral currently operated by the UAE’s Gulftainer, demonstrate a symbiotic relationship in these nations’ economic ties. This is signified by the more than four hundred percent increase in trade since 2008. US capital also represents one of the largest sources of foreign direct investment in the Gulf state.

The diversity of endeavors includes partnering in the aerospace and defense industries. The Emirates have purchased over $20 billion worth of US defense articles and services over the past decade, and the UAE military boasts the largest fleet of F-16s outside the US. Lockheed Martin, along with NASA, are working with the UAE Space Agency to establish the fundamentals of a space training program. Emirati airlines are the largest buyers of US aircraft and ordered over $120 billion in Boeing passenger craft in 2013 alone.

With its political stability, strong infrastructure, and relative security in a turbulent region, the UAE is positioned as a global hub for accessing emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Taking advantage of the pro-business environment and robust financial services, US companies can project operations from this strategic center between East and West. The high pace of trade and tourism is revealed by the over 280 direct flights to ten US cities every week.

Some of this collaboration occurs in the health care and technology sectors. Joint venture healing institutes, specializing in advanced well-being, pediatric and cancer care, exist in Washington DC, Houston, and Abu Dhabi. Emirati investment has fueled US-based semiconductor manufacturing and prospective undertakings include petrochemicals and telecommunications.

With conflict in Yemen, Libya, and Syria, and belligerence from Iran, the UAE offers a bastion of hope for a more peaceful and economically balanced Middle East. As less than thirty percent of the Emirati economy is derived from the oil sector, the UAE embraces a wide range of trade opportunities.

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba concluded that security and prosperity are complementary to a stable Middle East. The US-UAE relationship evinces confidence in its achievement.

Top Boarding Schools In The US

For some students, they will be able to attain success if given the right start at a prestigious boarding school. They will be able to attain the best education available and also make very close friends along the way. The top schools in America not only add a high degree of academics but they are also graded on other criteria as well. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration are:

– The selection process and how strict the criteria for selection for the school is.
– The size of the endowment bestowed upon the school.
Overall SAT scores of the students that are in attendance.

There are review sites online that are dedicated to giving in-depth insight regarding boarding schools and how they are ranked and what their strengths are. The current leader in the nation is Phillips Exeter Academy. This is the second year in a row that they have grabbed the number one spot. Another top boarding school is Blue Ridge School.

Boarding schools have earned a reputation for excellence and are usually exclusive to individuals that are serious about education and getting the best start possible in the pursuit of a great education. A boarding school will give students a chance to learn social skills in all situations and how to live with others in harmony. It will also instill core values and high work ethic under leadership of those like Eric F. Peterson.

Boarding schools promote academic excellence and give students opportunities beyond the boarding school that they would otherwise not have. In a boarding school environment children will have structure and expectations that they must meet. This teaches responsibility and integrity.

A boarding school will show students how to function in an atmosphere where excellence is expected and hard work is the standard. Students that are exposed to this type of environment will take these lessons with them in the future which will prepare them for the next steps in life.

People that attend boarding schools tend to perform better in the professional world because they are instilled with the ideals that are desirable in a seasoned professional and are more likely to climb the ladder of success.

Nail Polish that Detects Drugs Set for 2017 Release

Date rape is a serious problem and it’s growing. Almost one in five women typically are raped during their lifetime. They are often taken advantage of when someone puts the date drug Rohypnol, GHB, ecstasy or Xanax in their drink. Now comes word of a new nail polish set to be released in 2017 that can help women know if their drink has been spiked. The nail polish is produced by a company called Undercover Colors and is designed to change colors when people stick a finger with a painted nail into a tainted drink and move it around.

Four North Carolina State University students created the company. Undercover Colors’ mission is to create wearable protection for women to help further empower them. News of Undercover Colors’ nail polish first started to leak out in 2014.

Recently investors have put up more than $5.5 million to cover the cost of research and development of the polish. The students say they were simply looking for a way to help improve the safety of their female friends when they go on dates or to bars. They entered the nail polish in the North Carolina State University Lulu eGames competition sponsored by North Carolina State’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and won the $11,250 first prize.

The students that created Undercover Colors, Ankesh Madan, Tyler Confrey-Maloney, Stephen Grey and Tasso Von Windheim, are all Materials Science & Engineering majors and they say the college provided invaluable help and support. They used lab space at the College of Veterinary Medicine so they could test for the DEA Schedule 1 and Schedule 3 drugs. Plus Dr. Nathanial Finney from the school’s Chemistry department, their primary technical advisor, is an expert on indicator development. He helped them develop the prototype. The students call their company “The First Fashion Company Empowering Women to Prevent Sexual Assault.”

But taking the nail polish to market requires lots of money for development, testing and more. In addition to the $11,250 they won, the students got $100,000 from an investor when they did a product demo on the K50 Startup Showcase. Then Undercover Colors got a $5.5 million infusion from 49 investors including Cofounders Capital and a mix of small and high dollar investors.

The company is continuing to raise funds to cover production, marketing and other costs associated with bringing a product to stores. The recent wave of investment makes 2017 a realistic release date. Learn more about the nail polish here.

4 Best Places To Live If You Collect Art In Miami

As one of the best tourist destinations in the United States because of the amazing beaches and music that can be found here, Miami surely is overflowing with artistic people who can create masterpieces in various forms. This tidbit attracts a lot of art-loving high-profilers to uproot themselves and relocate to the coolest neighborhoods in the city. Even Pharrell William’s home looks like a huge art gallery. Thus, one can simply wonder, “Where are the best places to live if you collect art in Miami?”

#1: Wynwood Art District

Wynwood Art District deserves such a name, for the reason that this is where the popular art collectors basically hang out and live with their most prized artistic pieces. A couple of these individuals include George Lindemann Jr., the youngest heir of billionaires and philanthropists George and Dr. Frayda Lindemann, and Martin Z. Margulies, a property developer. Both of them have hundreds of million dollars’ worth of art, but it’s the latter who showcases all the photographs, sculptures, and videos that he acquired for over three decades at the Wynwood Art District Warehouse for the general public to see. When visitors check out The Margulies Collection, they are welcomed immediately by the 17-foot statue of Anselm Kiefer’s Sprache der Vogel.

#2: Miami Art Deco District

For those who appreciate the classic types of art, they may prefer getting an apartment or a mansion in Miami’s Art Deco District. This historical area in the South Beach has preserved some of the oldest buildings ever erected here. It is also where the founder of Versace, a well-recognized Italian fashion brand, once lived.

#3: Design District

Of course, collectors can opt to live in the Design District as well in which they can find a valuable art on a daily basis. Its location is so close to the Wynwood Art District that the inhabitants get immersed in various artistic exhibitions without even driving elsewhere.

#4: City Center

The City Center cannot be amiss from this list since this is the home of the famous Miami Beach Convention Center where the international fair known as Art Basel is always held within the United States. Top Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Toby Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt frequent this place to obtain a piece that they can add to their collection.

Instead of going back and forth to visit and/or purchase art from Miami, just rent an apartment or buy a house there. You know where to go now, after all.

The benefits of boarding schools

Attending a boarding school is a great way to gain an edge and obtain entrance to an elite college. It will also provide its students the best education obtainable and help students network with powerful alumni.

Choosing a boarding school, like St. George’s School can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from that it’s hard to know where to begin. The following boarding schools were chosen based on their average SAT scores, the size of the schools’ endowments and how selective they are when it comes to the acceptance rate.

At the top of the list is the Phillips Exeter Academy-also known as just Exeter. Located in New Hampshire, it has been supplying students to Harvard for many years. Students in grades 9-12 are accepted. There are more than 450 courses offered in 19 subject areas and they use a Harkness method-a plan that utilizes dialogue-based learning. More than 80% of the faculty have achieved advanced degrees. Exeter even offers free tuition to any students whose family income is less than $75,000, making their world-class education accessible to those who qualify. Mark Zuckerburg, (Facebook founder), Dan Brown, (author), and Christopher Kimball (Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen), are among those who attended Exeter.

Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, is the oldest incorporated boarding school in the US and composed of 80% degree-holding students and uses the Harkness method as well. Notable students that have attended include George W. Bush, Humphrey Bogart, Jack Lemmon, and Julia Alvarez.

The Putney School in Vermont offers hands-on schooling to students in grades 9-12 and because of their progressive learning process, graduates are being accepted into the best schools in the country including Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Oberlin, and Dartmouth. Notable graduates include Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), Nell Newman (founder of Newman’s Own), and (the actress) Felicity Huffman.

In Exton, Pennsylvania, you will find the Church Farm School which is a boarding school for boys grades 7-12. In addition to regular studies, students here provide community service, gain outdoor experiences, get leadership training, and gain exposure to cultural arts. Michael Eric (NBA star), and Chris Rehab (actor), are among their alumni.

There are many boarding schools and each one is different in their teaching methods and unique qualities, but one thing they all have in common is that they offer their students advantages that otherwise wouldn’t be obtained.


Where to Look for Art in Miami

Known for its pristine beaches and vibrant lights and colors, Miami is known for its beauty and artistic stimulation. This city is also known for its variety of renowned art galleries and collections in the whole world.

The Miami Art District offers an area where you can view many different fine art galleries, showrooms and museums along with shopping and dining to add to your experience. Craig Robins is one of Miami’s proponents of art encourages public access to his collection of artwork from over 200 artists.

There are many art fairs along with Art Week in Miami that gives the artists a chance to showcase their work along with allowing people to view the many different type of artwork on display. Art Basel Miami Beach is Miami’s annual art fair that lasts a week and helps to bring all art enthusiasts, dealers, collectors and gallerists together from all over the world.

Wynwood can be described as the epicenter of art of Miami with its murals throughout the neighborhood and its host of more than 70 art galleries featuring a variety of different artwork from contemporary to ethnic. Little Haiti and Downtown are up and becoming in attracting artists and galleries and are sure to grow in the future. Art Center South Florida is a place where art lovers can view the current exhibits 7 days a week. The Museum of Contemporary Art along with the Alfa Gallery are located in North Miami and offer a variety of art for all to see in this area. The Rubell Family and George Lindemann both have impressive contemporary art collections.

Miami is a city of art and beautiful beaches and scenery along with a fun and laid-back quality to it that provides people with stimulation and a feel of overall excitement. When it comes to artwork in this city there are no boundaries and there is something for everyone no matter the preference. Rich in culture and also fun, this city provides it all.

Miami mecca for art collectors

If you are looking to view the best in fine art, the beautiful city of Miami has several galleries that are sure to contain just what you are seeking. Each section of the city has various galleries featuring traditional and contemporary George Lindemann fine art, paintings, sculpture, photography and other styles in visual art. The city hosts Miami Art Week every year when artists and art collectors from all over the world visit the city’s various art fairs.

If you are in the downtown area you can stop by the Alfa Gallery which is currently featuring the STARZ Group Exhibition. Eight different artists display their work reflecting Joseph Campbell’s belief that breaking through the barriers of convention and personal limitation leads to spiritual and artistic growth. Through the use of vibrant colors and original concepts these international artists bring their ground-breaking work to South Florida.

In the Design District visit Maman Fine Art, the center of the Latin American local art scene. Opened by Argentine artist Daniel Maman, the gallery has a full cultural program consisting of, not only stunning contemporary art exhibits, but also art discussions, workshops, lectures and book launchings. The Latin American culture and people are vividly depicted through sculpture and paintings at this popular Design District gallery.

The Mindy Solomon Gallery in the Little Haiti district of Miami supports young artists by working with the New World School of the Arts to showcase the best that their students have to offer. The studio also works to incorporate designers, consultants, curators and advisors into their program to create a complete aesthetic medium for local and national talent to display their work.

The Wynwood Art District of Miami boasts dozens of first rate art galleries to satisfy the eclectic art enthusiast. The popular Art Nouveau Gallery represents abstract art with a Latin American edge. With Venezuelan roots, this gallery combines the talents of established artists with creative youth to develop themes based on geometric abstractions. What results is some of the most beautiful and interesting art you will ever see.

Finally, if you are near Miami Beach you are not far from some established art galleries. The Avant Gallery specializes in contemporary art which electrifies the spirit and imagination with cutting-edge depictions of modern images with a twist. This gallery should not be missed.

Miami is becoming well known for its progressive art scene and these are just a few of the amazing art galleries that the city has to offer.