When You Need the Best Bridesmaids Gifts…EVER

Is It Mandatory to Give a Gift to Attendants?

It’s not mandatory but usually customary to present the bride attendants a gift. They can be a unique as the person or all the same type of gift. No one wants to hurt or offend by not having a well thought out gift. It’s an old saying “It’s the thought that counts”. Well that’s a half truth. The gift does matter and usually one can tell if much thought was put into the gift. Right? It is however, to express your attitude for their attending the wedding.

There’s a gift that can be personalized and is a favorite of wedding parties. A basket can be as expensive or thrifty as you want. Having that thought in mind, you can personalize it with a handmade gift, or a frilly basket laden with spa rewards your bridesmaid or maid of honor will simply love. Another favorite is the beauty basket with travel size products that are easily used. Oh and having a few bars of gourmet chocolate will complete any basket.

Beautiful Baskets or Plain Jane Baskets

Each basket can be different as to the personality of the person receiving it. Keep it anchored with colors and flowers that coincide with the wedding colors. Ribbons add that special touch that blends in wedding colors. You can even include a small tote with an embroidered name on it. Every woman needs a small tote from time to time. Fill the basket with a bottle of wine, grapes, cheese and gourmet crackers, then add a candle of romantic nature for her sweetheart. You never know, there could be another wedding to plan soon.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart

You are also able to make it quite simple by ordering a custom made basket that lets you let them know how much you care. MAST Brothers Chocolate can be ordered in small sizes in a variety of flavors that would match the bridesmaid’s tastes. Decorate the basket with colors of the wedding and a few pieces of fruit that complements the colors. You could use flowers and ribbon to decorate the basket with chocolate bars and a card that lets them know they are going to receive an order of chocolate later into the year.

Baskets are the go-to wedding favorite because they are so versatile and easily made personal. From candy to jewelry and all in between can fill your basket so it will be seen. Make sure your bridesmaids know your appreciation for being there for her during this glorious time.

Drink Spiking: How to Detect and Avoid

Drink spiking is when a person adds extra alcohol, or a type of drug, to someone’s drink. Many women become victims of drink spiking, and some may not even know it, or they do not have proof. If a woman is going on a date or out with the girls, knowing how to avoid and detect a spiked drink is key to having a safe night out.

A drink can be spiked in a short amount of time, for different reasons, anywhere, and with different drugs and/or alcohol.
-A drink can be spiked in a short amount of time.
-A drink may be spiked as a joke, or to make a woman more vulnerable
-Drink spiking can happen at parties, clubs, bars, or anywhere
-elsewhere alcohol is served.

Some drinks are spiked with more alcohol to get women drunk faster.
Drinks may also be spiked with date rape drugs such as:
-Roofies (Rohypnol)
-GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)
-Other drugs like Ecstasy and LSD may also be used, and could cause
-Serious problems like heart failure.

There are several ways to avoid and detect spiked drinks. Women can avoid drinking a spiked drink by:
-Only accepting new, unopened bottles or cans
-Steering clear of the punch bowls
-Avoiding drinks that are being passed around
-Always paying attention, otherwise, throw it out.
-Always knowing what they are drinking
-Watching their drinks being mixed
-Staying sober enough to stay alert
-Using a drink stopper for bottles

A woman may be able to detect drugs in her drink either by taste, or a testing kit.
-A drink may taste extra salty, or bitter, if spiked with drugs.
-A testing kit can also be used, which include strips that indicate whether or not drugs such as roofies, GHB, or others are present.

Drinking a spiked drink will cause several symptoms. Some symptoms may include:
-Feeling overly intoxicated
-Waking up feeling uncomfortable and disoriented
-Memory loss

Women should always keep emergency contacts for their area on hand when they go out for a drink. Women who believe they have been drugged should immediately ask someone they know and trust for help.

How to Successfully Choose a New CEO

Transitioning to a new leader in an organization can be a very complex process, with both legal and organizational impacts. When faced with the need to appoint a new CEO, it is important to find ways to do it smoothly and quickly. This is a topic of much thought, and there is actually a class at the Wharton School, taught by Dennis Carey, on this very subject. Dennis Carey, among many others, are executive recruiters and are in the business of finding new CEOs to lead at the world’s largest companies such as 3M, AT&T, and American Express. They have discovered and honed in on the specific skills needed to have a successful new CEO.

To keep a company running smoothly, it is important to make the transition as seamless as possible, easing concerns of stakeholders and creating value as quickly as possible. Doing this properly is very important because the work of a CEO, as well as the advisory board, can have a major impact on a company. “Boards That Lead”, also by Dennis Carey, focuses further on providing insight into the qualities that make top-level management successful.

Steps to choosing a new CEO

  1. Have a clear delineation of the business strategy. The qualities sought in a CEO should be directly tied to the needs of the business
  2. Get the board involved. CEOs need to work very closely with Boards of Directors, and it is important to get them involved in the process
  3. Look within- see if there are eligible candidates at the company that have the experience or can be groomed into the position
  4. Consider hiring an executive recruiter to seek a new CEO from another company

Other things to consider:

  1. Be open and objective throughout the search process
  2. Help major stakeholders, especially high level employees, feel they had a voice in the process
  3. Remember that new CEOs are not put in place simply to avoid risk, they have the responsibility of returning stakeholder value

Choose a Life Coach to Find Your Way

It’s not uncommon for people to feel that they’ve lost their way somehow. It can happen to anybody, especially if there is no purpose anymore or if they feel like they can’t do certain things.

Live-laugh-love-02As life is beautiful and worth living, there sure is something that can propel you forward and help you find your own meaning in life. It doesn’t have to be greater or better than the one of your friends, but you may feel that it’s hard getting there.

life-coaching-opportunity-To make sure that you keep going forward on your road, there is always the possibility to engage in a conversation with a life coach. That is the most perfect person for you, as he or she is specialized most of the times in human behavior, psychology and human relationships.

You might want a promotion or you might want to change your career, you might want to learn something new or you want to leave something behind you – whatever is the case with your story, a life coach can surely help you.

Here is what a life coach can do for you and what it stands for, so that you can have a clear idea about this before going there.

Your Life Coach Listens to You

You won’t have a therapy session with your life coach, but he or she will listen to you and ask the right question. The life coach will help you identify easier what it is that keeps you from following your dreams. You will not be suggested answers, but you will be facing questions that you might be afraid to answer for yourself. It’s not about counseling or mentoring, because a coach means so much more than this. After each session with a life coach, you will leave knowing a little more about you – what makes you really happy and what drags you down. Soon, you’ll be able to see what it is that’s holding you back from fulfilling your dream.

Your Life Coach Helps You

Let’s say that you want to start your own business – as this is the easiest example that can open_head_lots_of_ideas_1600_clr_8475be given. You have everything that you need – you have knowledge, you have a great potential with your idea, you have a location and also the money. However, you don’t start on it. Here is where the life coach comes is – you will be helped to realize – alone – why you can’t start your business. Most people fear to start something new because this would mean a big change in their lives. Your coach will help you determine why you have the fear and also set it aside.

You Will Be Supported

Some people discourage others to take a course of action – they say that failure is about to happen or that whatever the action course is, it’s not adequate. They can find thousands of reasons to throw at you, just to keep you immobile and standing in the same situation. A life coach will get you moving forward and you will be stick_figure_question_mark_800_clr-260x300supported while you take action. It’s a person who really is interested for you to succeed in your plans. You will not be spared of anything, as you need to be kept accountable for your facts – so if you are not used to this, get ready to get used. It will make you responsible and mature in the way of your thinking.

You Will Be Challenged

Challenge is a part of every-day life, but some people simply stand aside and let life pass around them like water. A good life coach will challenge you from the start – to take action, to think for yourself, to consider plenty of possibilities that can arise from one action or another. You will be asked a lot of questions during your sessions and you will also be left alone to find your own answers. You are not seeing a therapist – you are seeing a person who is skilled in encouraging you to follow your dreams. You will learn how to take the right decisions for yourself, without anyone interfering.