The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Review

Thousands of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world attended the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University in Stanford, California. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was previously hosted by the governments of Malaysia, Turkey, Kenya, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. The 2016 GES showcased inspiring entrepreneurs and investors who want to promote collaboration and partnership. The 2016 GES hoped to connect American entrepreneurs and investors with their peers from around the world, with the goal of forming long lasting partnerships. The Summit featured different workshops, panels, competitions, and networking sessions. All of the activities were designed to give participants the opportunities to acquire skills and build relationships that will help them become successful.

Origins of The Summit
The event was organized by the United States Department of State and initiated by United States President Barack Obama. President Obama believes that events like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will help connect people around the World and help us tackle the global challenges together. The United States has emphasized entrepreneurship throughout the world by developing unique ecosystems, promoting stronger business climates, building networks of innovators and partnering with the private sector to promote job growth.

Diversity is Celebrated
The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted entrepreneurs and investors from over 100 different countries who looked forward to showing their work, along with mentoring and networking. The Summit is a symbol of how investors and entrepreneurs are promoting the culture of entrepreneurship throughout the world. President Obama was the featured speaker at the 2016 GES. President Obama continues to advocate for more entrepreneurship among women, minorities, and youth. Other attendees of the 2016 GES include former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Ruba Al Hassan and United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al Otaiba (

Looking Ahead to Next Year 
While meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House, President Obama announced that India will host the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Some of the guest speakers scheduled to attend this year’s Summit include; Times Internet CEO Gautam Sinha, Barefoot College International CEO Meagan Fallone, Careers 360 CEO Maheshwar Peri, and Pepperdine University Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship Larry William Cox.