The Best Islamic Relief Organizations around the Washington DC Area

The Islamic community is an important part of the makeup of the United States. Many people have contributed to charitable Islamic organizations over the last few years with the goal of helping those who need assistance. Here is a look at some of the best Islamic relief organizations in the Washington, DC area.

Islamic Relief

The Islamic Relief USA Organization has helped over 30 countries around the World. Islamic Relief USA strives to implement programs both domestically and internationally that benefit people. The primary goal of Islamic Relief USA is to provide aid in a timely and compassionate manner. Islamic Relief USA wants to eliminate issues such as hunger, illiteracy, and sickness.

The HALO Trust

The HALO Trust strives to create safe environments for people who have been impacted by war. The HALO Trust strives to help people who are seeking relief from war debris and landmines. Demining is emphasized, as HALO believes that it will help keep local communities safe, while also providing jobs within the community. By offering workers a living wage, HALO is an asset to economy. HALO helps people try to get back on track after conflict has damaged their community. HALO works with multiple countries and territories to help create safe environments. The Jolie-Pitt foundation supports the HALO Trust.

Life for Relief and Development

This non-governmental organization provides aid to people in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, among other places. The Life for Relief and Development Organization works closely with the United Nations, Unicef, and AmeriCares. Life wants to improve the water and sanitation throughout different schools and other public buildings. Life also helps install water tanks in homes. Life also has a sponsorship program where people can help orphans receive clothing, shelter, and food. They will also have access to better health care and education.

Eastern Congo Initiative

Founded by actor Ben Affleck, the Eastern Congo Initiative helps increase funding and awareness between Eastern Congo and The United States Government. ECI wants to help with the social and economic development of Eastern Congo. ECI has given grants to over 20 Congolese organizations to help support local projects.


GlobalGiving is a non-profit organization that helps provide aid to those in need and supports projects that will help feed the hungry while protecting the planet. They also helps with natural disaster relief efforts around the World. Matt Damon, Oprah, and Bill Gates are among the many celebrities that have provided support to GlobalGiving.