The First Woman To Head St. George’s School

St. George’s School has honored Alixe Callen as the new head of the school. The private school opened their doors in 1896, and Alixe Callen is the first woman to hold this position. There was a welcoming reception, and it was obvious she had a lot of support. Her grandfather, and great-grandfather both attended St. George’s when the school was all-male.

Alixe Callen was born just outside of New York City, is married to James Bailey, and her two children are named Miles, and Zander. She is highly educated, earned her Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees at Brown University, then continued her education at Harvard University, where she earned her Doctorate, and Master’s degrees. While she was in Seattle at Lakeside School, she was contacted by a recruiter to determine her interest in serving at St. George’s as their new head.

There were numerous reasons for her interest including the connections her family has to the school, the quality, and prestige of the school, and this was near where she became engaged. She discovered a lot of changes at the school, and believes it is safer, and healthier for the kids. She began her new position on July 1st, and arrived very excited about her new responsibilities. She is particularly interested in mathematics, arts, engineering, technology, science, extracurricular activities, and sports.

Alixe Callen Plans to learn as much as she can about the school. She believes in the core values of the school, but plans to use strategies to make a difference in the future. She feels the environment of the school should be caring, and kind. She wants equitable treatment, and constant feedback so the kids can learn, and grow. She is planning on engaging teaching, and activities so the kids can learn in a personalized environment. She feels a boarding school presents the opportunity to prepare the students to successfully live in their communities.

Alixe Callen likes the way St. George’s School has made the school safe for the kids, and admires the training received by the staff members, and faculty. She has arranged to a rape crisis center in Boston to come to the school at the beginning of the year to further train the faculty. She has faith she can set an example for the students, and staff that is positive, and constructive. She said without her husband, everything she is trying to achieve would be an impossibility. He is there for her, and she has a successful career, and a loving family.